Keeping the Sabbath

Keeping the Sabbath

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Christian Worldview Integration
PCA: “Observing the Sabbath”

Read the following case study and answer the first two questions.

Case Study: “Aaron and the Job Search”
Aaron is a senior graphic design student. After months of applications, interviews, and not hearing back from most of the companies he’s applied to, Aaron finally has a job offer from Apple to work under one of their top designers… and it pays well! There is just one problem: Aaron would have to work both Saturday and Sunday with his only days off on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yes, a very odd schedule, but at Apple, they “think different.”
Aaron’s parents have a very strict view of observing the Sabbath in which you do no work throughout the day. Aaron is not sure he agrees with his parents on this, yet he cannot seem to shake the feeling that he should observe the Sabbath in some way.
Confused as to how to respond to this once-in-a-lifetime job offer, Aaron asks a variety of people for advice. His parents, as he expected, told him to reject the job offer. His accountability partner told him that it doesn’t matter what day of the week he observes the Sabbath; in fact, the Sabbath is really just a time to take a break from business. After all, “the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” (Mark 2:27). Aaron also asked his roommate for advice, but his roommate doesn’t observe the Sabbath and can’t understand the dilemma. “Dude, take the job! That commandment doesn’t apply anymore.” Understandably, Aaron is still conflicted: should he take the job, or should he reject the offer? What does the Sabbath require of him?

Answer these questions BEFORE reading any of the articles:

1. Aaron asks your advice. Based on your own reasoning, what advice would you give him? Explain your reasons.

I would advise Aaron that the Sabbath is something that Christians should partake in. God took a day of rest once he finished creating the world, and He set that as precedence for humanity. The...

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