Pleasantville Personal Response

There are many elements of film. Such include picture elements, sound elements, camera angles, camera movement, camera distance, variety, emphasis and many more. The film makers have to take into consideration of the audience as they are making the movie. The audience for the movie Pleasantville is strictly people that are 14 years old and above as the rating states PG 14.This film suits the audience because there is more “grown up “applications in the movie. The movie Pleasantville is basically about a brother and sister from the 1990s, who are sucked into their television set and suddenly find themselves trapped in a 1950s style television show. Here they have loving parents, and old fashioned values. They are not sure how to get home, and they put together themselves into this "backwards" society and slowly bring some color to this black and white world.

Firstly, the film makers use a variety of elements of film to develop the theme. Some film elements that are used in this film can be depicted as visually and aurally. One of the sound elements that are said throughout the movie by George Parker is “Honey I’m home!”This phrase is thought as an old saying. There was one time in this movie where George Parker had said “Honey I’m home!”, but his wife did not reply. This was the first time that Betty did not reply. This was a change because George Parker was always greeted by his wife once he has entered the house, except this time.

A picture element that was used in the beginning of the film was stock footage. There was stock footage from other films, especially old films made near the 1950s.An example is in the beginning ,there was a countdown in numbers, which was an old movie feature. Near the middle of the film, there were coloured still photos, and there were several pictures of art. This was a change or transition from traditional to open-minded. Also, during a basketball practice, Skip missed the shot...

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