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Managing Organizational Change
Professor: Tom Luckett
January 2014

Table of Contents

This paper will be divided into three parts; the first part of the paper will flush out the original paper on Managing Organizational Change, including additional information on the exact changes that took place in Facebook and Twitter, looking specifically at who was impacted by each of the changes. It will compare some of the similarities and differences present between the changes that took place in the two companies. Part two of the paper will be a table from Excel, filling out three images of change, showing a clear example of each and how it could potentially be applied to each company. The third and final aspect of the paper will analyze, compare, and contrast the three images of change selected for the two companies, explaining how the behaviors of those images would be different or the same during the changes undertaken by Facebook and Twitter, and how those differences could or did impact the success or failure of the change, comparing and contrasting the results at both companies.
Keywords: changes, Twitter, Facebook, impact, images of change, analysis, comparison, contrast

Every year a corporation undergoes a variety of changes, always with the hope of either improvement of the current products and services offered by the company or the hope of moving the company forward through diversification or through growth. In 2013, Twitter and Facebook, two of the social media giants, each underwent seven big changes to their social media platforms. By working to analyze these changes, and through the process of determining the different changes images that may be seen in an organization, it will be possible to compare and contrast the change images in relation to the changes undergone by each of the companies in 2013.
Changes in Facebook and Twitter...

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