KELLER MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam (3

KELLER MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam (3

KELLER MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam (3

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MGMT 303 Week 8 Final Exam (3 Sets)

(TCO1) When the dean of the college of business downsized the college from five
departments to four departments, the dean primarily was performing the ____
function of management. (Points : 2)
(TCO 2) State supported universities receive money from state tax payers. Harvard
University’s endowment is so large that Harvard is guaranteed significant income
just from the interest the fund generates. The ____ dimension of these competitors is
different. (Points : 2)
(TCO 2) The expiration of a pharmaceutical drug patent allows generic drug makers
to introduce the same chemical compound under a different name and at lower
prices. This is an example of ____ for the developer of the original drug. (Points : 2)

(TCO3) New York passed a law requiring no smoking in bars and restaurants.
Owners who pressure bartenders and waiters to sell to people who are smoking in
order to keep profits high are taking a(n)____ stance toward social responsibility.
(Points : 2)
(TCO4) Coca-Cola is based out of Atlanta but reaches into hundreds of countries. The
product is locally packaged, but the cola inside is essentially the same throughout
the world. Coca-Cola is edging closer to being a(n) ____ business. (Points : 2)
(TCO4) The growth of multinational corporations has left little room for distinction.
Any perceived competitive advantage is quickly copied. However, an area for
competitive advantage remains in the level of ____ organizations attract, motivate,
and retain. (Points : 2)
(TCO5) The ____ of Applebee’s is to gain “weekly repeat guests through providing
surprisingly friendly hospitality, superior quality food, and world class service and
value.” (Points : 2)

(TCO1) A CEO of a local newspaper has noticed that...

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