Kellogs English assignment

Kellogs English assignment



Kellogg’s has just launched its First special you Tube commercial.

It is a commercial that has two stories with the same subject but with different outcomes.

Open the link
Read the text
Watch the video
Describe the content and make the comparison.

We hear an alarm clock going off on; the main character gets fresh out of bed and makes his way to the kitchen to make himself a bowl of Kellogg’s cereal, while the other version shows the same person still lying in bed having trouble waking up. The left version is already showering while having enjoyed his bowl of Kellogg’s. As the right person drops his toothbrush accidentally into the toilet the left person is happily singing under the shower. When he tries to brush his teeth with his index finger he notices that he replaced his toothpaste with foot crème and angrily walks away without looking and slips on a soap bar. The left person is done showering and shaving so he gets neatly dressed for work while the right person has a lot of trouble getting his blouse on and looks sloppy. When they go out the right person forgets his keys and bumps into a skater which makes him step into a turd on the sidewalk while the left person bounces around the skater and just misses the turd. Nicely on time for the bus, the left person meets a female colleague and they travel together to work, while the right person slips and bumps into the woman which gets her to notice the turd still sticking to his shoe thus creating a horrible first impression! At work we see the left person having a good time with his colleagues while the right perspective has to clean his shoes. At lunch time they both are enjoying their meal until the woman from the bus stop walks by the right persons screen and takes a seat next to the person in the left screen. Then they show us a slogan; “Make time for breakfast.” Than...

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