Ken Kesey

Ken Kesey

Journal entry in perspective of Ken Kesy experimenting LSD on himself and documenting what happens while sleeping and tripping in your dreams.

Day 5 10:30 p.m.
Feeling sleepy so I just dropped LSD tab. Now waiting to fall asleep.

11:00 p.m.
Fell asleep.

Day 6 2:00 a.m.
I woke up just now and was able to actually remember my entire dream. It was so vivid it felt real. I felt completely awake as if I never fell asleep. I dreamt about a crazy dream within a dream.

At first I was sleeping in my dream when I heard something sneak by. I awoke and couldn't see anything, so I hopped out of bed. I ran into someone trying to steal what was somewhat unclear, but it upset me to the point where I tried to kill them. I chased them over to the stair case and they ran up. I pulled the carpet that covered the entire staircase to try and pull the theif back towards me. Instead, the piano came flying down the stairs and smashed me right into the wall, it killed me. A bright shining light came down as my spirit came out of me, and revealed a golden escalator. I suddenly started to float up the escalator and at the end was a golden bridge. I floated all the way to the Heavenly Express, where I ran into the reservation booth. I was rejected to go into Heaven and in order to enter I have to return to earth to get forgiveness from the thief. I was given a Certificate of Forgiveness and must get it signed by the thief before my time is up, or suffer the consequences of going to hell.

When I returned to earth, I immediately try to beg for the theifs forgiveness, but they refuse. I get so upset that I try to hurt him into signing the certificate, when the devil appears over my shoulder to remind me of the consequences if I do. I glance at the golden clock and see my time quickly running out. I quickly try to forge the signature when the bright heavenly light shines down on me and catches me trying to do so. I quickly run back to the thief to beg for their...

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