Key Aspects for Legislation Requirments an Code of Practice for Learning Environment

Key Aspects for Legislation Requirments an Code of Practice for Learning Environment

Summarise the Key aspects of current legislative requirement and code of practice relevant to your subject and the type of organisation within which you would like to work.

My current role as a community worker requires me to have an understanding of all current legislation, polices and procedures in the work place. I feel we have these in place so we have a guideline and it also protects staff and service users while working in a teaching environment.

Following is a summery of some key aspects of legislation and codes of practice relevant to the training I will be providing and to the organisation I work for.

Date Protection Act 1998 Each learner that I have will have their own file which holds personal and confidential information (address, contact details and medical history). These files are kept in a cabinet which is locked in the main office but I have access to these. Also, I would need to make sure that the learners have given us permission on their initial registration form, for us to pass on their contact details to other relevant organisation that will continue to further support the learner’s in their training development. I will also re confirm that this will be ok before any signposting or referrals to other organisation

Health & Safety Act 1974 When teaching I am always making sure that the environment that I am working in is suitable for me and my learners. Making any adjustments where necessary, for example I had a learner join the training just before the start of the course who needed step free access and so I changed to a suitable venue.

Special educational needs and disability act 2001 ( An amendment to the disability discrimination act 1995) One of our learners suffer from dyslexia and therefore ensured that the paper, colour and font sizes where usable for this learner.

I am new to formal training and I know that there are many legislations that I have to be aware of while teaching. It is important that I keep up to date...

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