Key People in Courtroom

Key People in Courtroom

The courtroom is made up of many different key people. One of those people or groups of people is called the courtroom work group. The courtroom work group is considered to be an informal arrangement between a criminal prosecutor, criminal defense attorney, and the judicial officer. The ground bases of the concept in the discipline of criminal justice, recharacterizes the adversarial courtroom participants as collaborators in "doing justice.

The courtroom work group intereacts with each other on a daily basis to perhaps prepare for trials. They are the main key players so I can imagine that they work closely together whether it is to defend or prosecute someone or the jusdge that overseas the case. There will be constant interactions daily.

The prosecutor is the chief legal representative of the prosecution. They usually only become involved in a criminal case once a suspect has been identified and charges need to be filed. Prosecutors are backed by the power of the state and our subjected to special rules in addition to those binding all lawyers. Prosecutors must make timely disclosure to the defense of all evidence or information that tends to negate the guilt of the accused or mitigates the offense. When it comes to choosing cases most prosecutors chooses to try the easiest cases first and then they look at how much they will have to spend to try the case
If so many of these cases were tried the prosecutors may then face a work overload then they will most likely have to handle the case that are more stringent first because the sometimes supersedes everything. So the easiest case may be forced to go last and the prosecutors will only have to choose from what they can handle.

If I could change anything in the courtroom workgroup it will be to add more security. There have been times when officials were over-powered by these offenders by taking their own weapons. So if they had more security and also not being so close to theses victims allowing...

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