Key Strategic Questioning

Key Strategic Questioning

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The following questions apply to ALL cases. Consideration of these questions should be included in each group’s case analysis presentation and should be prepared by each student for class discussion. Additional questions for each case follow.

1) What are the key strategic issues presented in the case? What is the primary problem statement among these issues.
2) Situational analysis:
a. External:
i. Define the industry in which this organization competes.
ii. Which of the general environment segments are most relevant to this organization (i.e., demographic, economic, political, etc.)
iii. Apply Porter’s Five Forces to the industry in which this organization competes. Based on your analysis, is this an attractive industry in which to compete?
iv. Who are the firm’s competitors? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
b. Internal:
i. What are the firm’s tangible and intangible resources?
ii. What are the organization’s core competencies?
c. Who is the customer and what customer need is being met by the firm?
3) Perform comprehensive SWOT for the organization.
4) What are the strategic alternatives available to the firm? Come up with at least three.
5) What is your recommended course of action and why?

Netflix (C-21)

Dell: From a Low-Cost PC Maker to an Innovative Company (C-8)
1) Under what conditions would you recommend a change in Dell’s unique business model?
2) What commitments are necessary to reignite growth, position the company for the future, and win a competitive advantage by exploiting Dell’s core competencies?

Microsoft (C-18)
1) Discuss how fast cycle markets affect the competitive dynamics facing Microsoft
2) Define Microsoft’s level of diversification and the type of diversification strategy it is using. Identify ways that the company can extend its resources to create value.

The Home Depot (C-12)
1) What would have been your recommendation regarding the sale of HD Supply? Do you see the divestiture as a...

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