KF procedure

KF procedure

Karl Fischer Moisture
Reference Documents: List applicable ASTM standard or other references here
Safety glasses & gloves
Finished Fuel Only Syringe
KF Coulometer
Test sample
Waste beaker

1. Turn on KF Coulometer, let stabilize and wait until the drift is below 19 µg/min.
2. Draw out 3-4mL sample with “Finished Fuel Only” syringe.
3. Bleed off air in syringe using a kimwipe or into waste beaker.
4. Weigh syringe with sample and Tare.
5. Press start on KF Coulometer
6. Carefully insert syringe into sample hole (septum) trying to direct approximately a 1mL sample into reagent stream.
7. Draw in sample from tip
8. Weigh again, waiting for scale to stabilize
9. Enter sample weight on KF Coulometer keypad
10. Press Enter
11. Listen for Beep
12. Record Moisture value in ppm
13. Repeat if desired at step 4

1. Clean syringe by drawing in 4-5mL of Acetone, 2 times
a. Use a 25mL beaker, fill with 15mL of Acetone
b. Take out plunger and let syringe air dry for one minute
c. Carefully pack away syringe
2. Empty beakers into waste appropriate containers.
3. Wipe down workspace

Sample Weights Moisture
1) .9257 grams -5.4ppm
2) .9857 338.1 ppm
3) .8776 332.0 ppm
4) .8438 317.8 ppm
5) .9563 331.2 ppm
6) .6328 327.9 ppm

CCCC Biofuels Lab Procedures
Biodiesel Mini-Batch (By Volume)

250mL Oil or Fat
55mL methanol
Potassium Hydroxide (100% purity)
Stir plate
Stir bar
250mL Erlenmeyer Flask
Glass Cover for Flask
1L Mason Jar
Balance (accuracy of 0.01g)
Warm Water Bath
500mL Separatory Funnel
Graduated Cylinder

1. Measure 250ml oil in graduated cylinder, add oil to mason jar, and heat in warm water bath to 120OF
2. Calculate the titration number of the oil to be processed using the Oil Titration method.
3. Convert the number of mLs used to titrate the oil into grams of KOH
Example: Titration number of 5.7mL would...

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