Kfc Corporate Social Responsibility

Kfc Corporate Social Responsibility

KFC Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy

There are three directions for KFC’s CSR practices, which not only address the criticisms, but also pay attention to social benefits

i) Animal Treatment
KFC has implemented a farm level audit program - a program which is industry-leading in the areas of poultry care and handling.

ii) Suppliers Code of Ethics
In order to comply with the food safety rules stated by the World Health Organization, KFC promised to phase out the use of unhealthy trans fats in its cooking oil.

iii) Community Services
1. Handshake for hearing impaired
KFC employs and trains the hearing impaired in lip-reading and sign language, which enable them to lip-read and take orders from customers. Hence, they can find employment elsewhere as KFC cannot accommodate everyone.

Recently an inaugurated KFC outlet in Kolkata will be the first in India where hearing-impaired young people will interact with customers, as well as manage the kitchen.

Today, three of KFC Restaurants are run by speech and hearing-impaired staffs in Malaysia that was designed to serve physically challenged individuals.

2. Co-operated with Whitelion
Whitelion opens doors to opportunities, relationships and community for young people involved in the Youth Justice System or at risk of involvement. Its aim is3 “…to provide young people with opportunities to gain experience in real jobs for real wages and with access to positive relationships, with the aim of promoting a greater connection with the community.”

KFC Victoria has cooperated with Whitelion to employ over 50 young people. This is more than 40% of the total number of young people employed in the Employment Program’s history. Also, substatial fund has been raised for Whitelion via an annual charity KFC Golf Day and placing Money Boxes placed in restaurants.

3. KFC Colonel's Scholars Program
This program is offered to high school seniors planning to attend a public in-state college...

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