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The movie, sense and sensibility show the lives of families in upper middle class society. Its set in the 1800s and shows what it would be like to live in that society by the clothes they wear, their attitudes towards their life and society and how they are expected to act. Their society is shown to be stereotypical of the roles of males and females and the dis-advantages females had in that time.

The movie is about a family who has a father that suddenly dies. The law in those days is made so only the oldest son will get everything the father owned. The 3 girls and mother are left with only 500 pounds for every year. This leaves them with a quest; for the eldest 2 girls to find a husband that would suit them.

In this case it shows the different tactics the 2 eldest girls use to find a husband. Meredith, the eldest daughter thinks it’s wiser to follow her head. In her case, she’s shown to be naïve and doesn’t want to do anything that may seem to be out of the ordinary. Because of this, her actions are shown to be held back and she doesn’t speak her mind at all. Throughout the movie she is also shown to be conservative and doesn’t like to show a lot of emotion to everything that’s happening around her.

Meredith is shown to be familiar with herself by expressing herself by her actions. For example, after her fathers death she played the piano for the next few days on songs that was her fathers favourites and heartrending songs.

Jane Austen was the original author of Sense and Sensibility. She was an English author who wrote other novels such as Pride and Prejudice and Emma but Sense and Sensibility was the first novel she wrote. All her novels are set in upper middle class, country settings.

The author wrote books in upper middle class; because that was the only lifestyle she was familiar with. To her, her hole life was surrounded by her family and friends in upper middle class, and the life she lived was closeted with, which was nothing but the...