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Ericka Villa

Unforgettable Summer Experience

Summer as we all know is where kids, even teenagers like us jump for joy for we can now adore and be entertained of our favorite outdoor games, leisure time, traveling and more activities without any worries and woe about anything that is allied to school work. Well, another summer had come for me. It has been a summer custom for my family and I to travel to some places or just anywhere far from the city. So, basically my last summer wasn’t really something new for me to be amused of. But then, the almost entire time of summer, my family and I spent time together. This milestone really makes me delighted and gleeful.

The first few weeks of hot summer, I stayed just stayed here in the Philippines. I got to linger and mingled with some local celebrities like Sam Concepcion, Rachelle Anne Go and some celebrities I didn’t know. I actually had an awesome night with them.
Then days had come. Family and I traveled to some places. I really admire traveling plus I was with the people I adulate the most.
I definitely enjoyed the two months break. I read some novels and books. I think the only highlight of my summer experience is that I got to spend most of the season with my family. Wherever I may be; may it be in the United States or Hong Kong. It really matters on who I am with. I feel very superb with the people I love most; my family. This what makes my summer experience truly unforgettable.