Kicking Report

Kicking Report

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For three years I’ve attended Canyon Lake Middle School. It has been a crazy adventure. I have matured so much since the 6th and 7th grade. I’ve learned that middle school is tough in trying to figure out and decide what your style is, how you wear your hair, make-up, and just trying to figure out who you are and who your real friends are.

Well, 6th grade wasn’t the best year for me. I wasn’t the prettiest thing, had no friends so you can pretty much say I was a nobody. I moved from Romoland to Canyon Lake right
before 6th grade. It was a big change in communities, which was a good thing except the fact that I didn’t know anyone. It was the 6th grade orientation where I met Nikki Fritch and Jessica Rice. We became really good friends, which was good for me because they had their friends so we ALL became friends. By the middle of the school year I knew allot more people. The middle of the 6th grade year was not as bad as the beginning but it still was not all that great. I couldn’t wait until 7th grade.

Wow, I thought 7th grade would be easier. I got into the biggest fight, well more like war with my friend Colbie. Jessica and I weren’t friends anymore either, and there was this girl who wanted to fight me for no reason. Everything that happened that year can be blamed on a five letter word….
“DRAMA”. I was so sick of everything, people, my family, school, etc. Besides everything that was going on I did meet allot of cool people like Vanessa, Beth, Taylor, Cory, Sergie, Steven, Johnny, Austin, Tessa, Kara and allot more. That is about all I remember about seventh grade, I’ve tried to forget the rest.

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