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Executive Summary

This report will analyse and discuss the organisational issues in Kimberly- Clark in three domains: internal and external environmental factors, the process of decision-making and planning. In order to increase the working performance of Kimberly- Clark, some specific recommendations and strategies will be given in each area. It is believed that they would achieve their expectations if they could use these approaches properly.

There are several environmental factors could affect Kimberly-Clark deeply in different ways. Especially the power of consumers and competitors and the variety of international demography of their global market.

Secondly, because of the decision made by Kimberly-Clark that was lack of careful consideration, it did work well. The recommendation for them is to follow other two ways of decision-making process: classical and rational model.

In the third part, the review and critique of planning processes identifies the problems and weakness of their planning that should contain clearer goals with certain timeline. Meanwhile, the S.M.A.R.T. guideline could be able to help Kimberly-Clark to establish a effective planning to achieve their goals in the near future.

List of Recommendations

To increase the confidence and performance of staff inside the organisation, they could maintain a delighted working environment and establish a good communication between employees in Kimberly-Clark.
In the task layer of external environment, the most important two factors are customers and competitor. Therefore, Kimberly-Clark should evaluate their power to the market more carefully by receiving the feedback and doing market research.
Kimberly-Clark could construct a more precise decision by using the classical model and rational model on decision-making processes.
In planning processes, Kimberly-Clark should use SMART guideline to set their goals, and be a mixture of prospector and analyser.


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