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Most North Americans are meat eaters and consumers of food with high calories. They indulge less in non meat dishes on a regular basis. They do this knowing how much (or at least they should have been educated in school and through media) as to the harmful effects to their bodies of high caloric consumption; they should be knowledge too of environmental negative effects. There are both biologic and, of course, marketing interests for this extended unhealthy trend. However, for purposes of this paper I wish to take the proponent side in support of vegetable consumption and vegetarianism. This paper will offer three categorical reasons in support.


First there is health. There is little to deny that vegetarians -- and those who at least are near a well balanced diet -- are proven to be healthier human being than those people attached to a constant meat and processed meat diet. Studies, from academic, e.g. FDA, American Cancer Society, American Dietetic Association, have shown that those who spend more time in the fruit and vegetable aisles of their local supermarkets live longer, while those who race to the back and stock up on the brisket and cured hams die face an increased likelihood of cancer and cardiovascular disease. While those who really, really, stay in fruits / veggies potentially have an expected life increase of three years. Still, contrary arguments from meat producers and consumers validly point out that meats are an excellent source of vitamin B12, a convenient source of protein, and does -- as often overlooked -- provide too, healthy saturated fats boosting both immune and nervous systems. However, as human anatomy has evolved, it is much more apt to sustain in all elements on a vegetarian or near-vegetarian diet. And again, when compared to red meat, evidence prevails that consumers of vegetables to vegetarians alone, are 40 % less likely to develop cancers. On the peripheral side, it can be noted, for...