Kindest of All Kind

Kindest of All Kind

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Kindest of all kinds

An inspiration

Reminiscent of a classic comedian

A true buddy

Kara may be known to her friends as the bubbly and talkative person that she is, but beyond those, there are things that not all people may know about her. There are 4 characteristics that make up one KARA. First is being the Kindest of all kinds. The real Kara is always ready to lend her helping hands whether to those in trouble or in the safe corner. She is always on- the- go to be of support to anyone who might need her. Kara is like our female knight-in-shining armor, our ever- ready friend. Second is being an inspiration. Whether in terms of academic life, personal life, love life or in the other aspects of life, you’ll always find inspiration in her grin and through her eyes. When you’re feeling down, just a smile from Kara, you’ll suddenly be moved. There’s just something in her that you’ll find inspiring. Third, Kara is a Reminiscent of a classic comedian. Her jokes, her laughter, her smiles, it just shows the comedian in her. You’ll always find Kara smiling, or better yet laughing. Although sometimes, she may find some difficulties in her life, she never forgets to smile and be happy, to give people laughter and grins. Lastly, Kara is A true buddy. Through thick or thin, she will always be there for her friends. KARA NEVER LET’S PEOPLE DOWN. Also, her cute and chubby cheeks make it more fun and exciting to be her buddy. It’s just feels so nice pinching her cheeks. :) Kara is a total package sent by God for all of us.

I’ll never forget the Kara I’ve known, the Kara I’ve loved and who loves BANANAS and the Kara who is my little sister.

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