King Solomon

King Solomon

The Story Behind King Solomon

► The most known story about King Solomon was the Judgement of Solomon; which proved just how wise he was. One morning, two women came to the King, claiming that the other had rolled over in the night and killed the other’s baby. King Solomon sat in his throne to decide how to solve their problem and after pondering over it for a while, he ordered for one of his servants to go get the child. The women both started fighting, demanding that the child be given to them. King Solomon then ordered for the servant to get a sword and he proclaimed that he would cut the child in half, so each woman would have half. The first woman responded calmly, saying that if she can’t have the child then nobody can. The second woman screamed, saying that the other woman could have the child, as long as he would not harm him. King Solomon saw her compassion for the child and decided the second woman was the rightful mother, and gave the infant to her.

Modern Day Allusions.

►He is one of the people that David Ponder visits for his wisdom in The Traveler’s Gift. He gives him the decision “I Will Seek Wisdom”.

►He is also spoken about in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

Facts About King Solomon

► He was the son of King David and Bathsheba.

► He was the King of Israel

► He had 700 wives.

► He was extremely wise.
(Considered one of the wisest men ever.)

► He built the first temple in Jerusalem

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