King Tuck

King Tuck

The Mystery of King Tut’s death seems as if it will never be solved. How did a young boy die without seeing the world, and taking on Egypt? There is lots of speculation on how King Tut died. But, researchers are finding out what might just have killed the nineteen year old King Tutankhamun.

Researchers are saying that King Tut died of a fractured leg. In New York Times, it said, that Tut had some diseases in his leg. One of them was Köhler’s disease II, which wouldn’t kill him by itself. There had to be another factor towards his death. The second disease he had was avascular none necrosis. It led to bad blood supply and it weakened the bone. But, he had to have something else that could have killed him.

King Tut could have died of something else. New York times says that he had “genetic traces of malaria tropica, the most severe form of the infection.” King Tut could have gotten malaria from his family members. And, with a severe bone disease and malaria, together it could have killed him. This could have been the missing puzzle piece they finally found that lead to his death.

“King Tut’s death is still unclear. This only proves that a blow to the back of the head was not the ultimatecause of his death. He could have been knocked unconscious then stabbed; perhaps even poisoned.” (King Tut Mystery Evidence-3 ppt.) I disagree that King Tut was murdered. If he was knocked out or stabbed, the researchers would have found damage in his brain or body. It is very clear that he had some kind of virus or a fractured leg that killed him. Even X-rays have pictures of a fractured leg from his body. I don’t think that King Tut was murdered. There is evidence that he had a fractured leg or malaria, not murdered.

It seems now that King Tut’s mystery death is being solved. Researchers are finding new puzzle pieces that fit to his death. New evidence is found. More and more information everyday. This is one of the most riveting unsolved mystery ever. But now, the...

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