King Vikram Aditya

King Vikram Aditya


'The creator of an era.'

In the history of the world only a few can be described in these words.

Vikramaditya the Sixth is one of them.

We must have some way of keeping count of the years, mustn't we? Otherwise, when we think of an incident, how can we explain when it happened?

Generally we follow the Christian era. 1947 means one thousand and nine hundred and forty seven years after the birth of Christ. (The Christian Era was followed only by the Christians of the West. It came to us with the dawn (British rule in India). This means Jesus Christ was the creator of an era.

The Government of India now follows the Shalivahana Shaka or Era. It started 78 years after the Christian Era. It takes its name from King Shalivahana. He was the creator of an era.

About 850 years ago the 'Chalukya- Vikrama Era' was in vogue in Karnataka. Vikramaditya the Sixth came to the throne on the 26th of February 1077A.D. The Chalukya-Vikrama Era commenced from that date.

The history of Karnataka extends to more than two thousand years. Many dynasties came to power during these centuries. The Chalukyas are one of the greatest of these. Twice in the history of Karnataka they were prominent. The first time they grew powerful Badami or Vatapi was their capital. After 250 years of powerful rule the Rashtrakutas of Manyakheta defeated them. A thousand years ago, in 973, Tailapa the Second of the Chalukya Dynasty became independent. Kalyana was his capital. He was very powerful. He had to face many enemies but he defeated all. Many battles were fought between him and Paramara Munja of Malwa. Munja was defeated and died. Their battles were so terrible that poets have sung their heroism and glory in their poems. The valiant Tailapa ruled for the welfare of the people. Ranna, one of the greatest poets of Kannada, was in his court.

Ranna is famous for the power of his language. He has narrated...

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