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´╗┐Dear name
State Route

I wish to ask for you to requisition a water fountain for powerline technology. I find working on hot days we students become very dehydrated. The tasks we are assigned are very difficult but fun and it dehydrates us quickly.
My first reason why this is a good idea is because we spend a chunk of time going from the equipment barn to the cafeteria. It would be much more efficient to install a water fountain instead of being in hallway traffic with a big cooler. I find it an excuse for our students to get out of class and it delays our progress.
My second reason is it is so time consuming. I think the faster we get out of our doors the more prepared for our career we will be. The workers for AEP and contractors expect the best and fastest yet safest work done. Over our field trips I have discovered that even workers in our career have a source of water at all times.
My third reason is that a heat stroke is always a potential hazard. I have experienced Heat Stroke a year ago and I would not wish it upon the worst of my enemies. It can also carry heat exhaustion with it. With water present the risk is reduced greatly because if we stay hydrated we can keep cool. So I am looking at illness prevention as well. I am sure everyone in powerline tech. would appreciate this.
Thank you for your time and I await your response with hope that you shall agree.


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