Areas to cover

• Interpersonal and intrapersonal communication
• Fayols-check notebook
• Mintzberg study of associates who needed full 30 mins uninterrupted time every ______ days
• Bandwidth, olfactory, visual, audio gustatory – shaking hands
• Hawthorns studies
• Competition; product quality; ethics and Diversity
• Mediated communication
• Effective business sentence consist of how many words
• Rules for paragraphs

Fayol is best known for his administrative management approach, which stresses the functional aspects of the organization structure. In his view, business activities are composed of basic functions that include technical activities such as production, commercial activities such as buying and selling, financial activities such as optimum use of capital, security activities such as protecting property, accounting activities such as costs and balance sheets, and managerial functions.

Goodnight class
Here are the questions as promised. Please cite appropriate examples to support your responses.
1.      Give an example not discussed or provided via powerpoint that demonstrates how communication technology has advanced in the past five years. How has this technology affected the management process?
2.      Cite an example of how communication technology has changed your activity as a student.
3.      Give an example in which you were forced to communicate with a reduced bandwidth when you would have preferred a broader bandwidth.
4.      Provide an example in which the communication technology did not greatly affect the propinquity between you and another communicator. Now give an example in which it did affect the propinquity between you and another person.
5.      Why do you believe that some people would suffer from greater technophobia than others? Do you have any technophobia in certain situations? Explain.
6.      What is the best medium for sending a highly sensitive...

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