Kirby High

Kirby High

Everybody should know that Kirby is an amazing school and you should move here. We may be little but we are strong. If you love to play sports there is no better choice than Kirby. Everyone is like one big family and we care for one another.

Evelyn Law
Period 5
Book Report

1. TITLE: Message in a Bottle

2. AUTHOR: Nicholas Sparks

3. MAIN SETTING (time period): 1997-1999

4. FOUR main characters:
-Theresa Osborne, a thirty six years old divorced woman with a 12 years old son has a flat stomach, and is considered very fit for her age since she runs daily. Despite her good looks, she no longer has hope for love after her ex-husband ruined her trust in men by cheating on her. However, her perspective on love transforms when she encounters a romantic love letter in a bottle at a beach written by a man named Garrett. Her deep curiosity piles up when she finds two other letters written by the same man, leading her to finding a new hope for love once she discovers him.
-Garrett Blake, a widowed man who is unable to move on due to his wife’s death, owns a boat named Happenstance and Island Diving, a scuba-diving shop. Despite his life success, he is deeply troubled because of Catherine’s death, resulting in him writing amorous love letters to her. Since he knows the letters can never reach Catherine, he places each letter in a bottle and tosses them into the ocean, into the unknown. He writes each letter with passion to Catherine for the reason that he can not find a new love, hopelessly trapped in his grieving for her.
-Deanna, at the age of fifty eight with slow hair that’s turning to gray works as Theresa’s boss at Boston Times as well as one of her best friends. Deanna and her husband, Brian whom she’s been married to for thirty six years, bring Theresa along on their vacation to Cape Cod. After Theresa finds the first letter, she was the one who encourages her to publish the letter on the column, inspiring many souls across the country. When...

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