Kissing Prince Charmings

Kissing Prince Charmings

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We've all heard the story about the horrid little princess who promises to exchange a kiss for the retrieval of her golden ball from a very deep well. But much to the chagrin of the poor enchanted toad, she takes off and leaves him to hop along after her, so that she'll keep her end of the bargain. Then despite her refusal to follow through on that which she promised, she was rewarded with a handsome prince, that she supposedly married and lived happily ever after with. Never mind the residual issues over occasional fly eating, and a penchant for croaking whilst trying to sing in the choir.

But unfortunately it seems to happen quite often the other way around. The heroine of the story does keep to her promises, especially when she finds Prince Charming. But ultimately these Prince Charmings revert to toad form after a certain number of kisses. And the princess is left feeling much more like a scullery maid than a princess in her happily ever after.

So to change something old into something new what must happen to the fairy tale? Perhaps it was the frightful toad at the beginning of the story which should be examined. Why was he transformed into such a state to begin with? It is always some evil witch that causes these transformations in these poor little toads. Perhaps those evil witches were nothing less than princesses who kissed a Prince Charming too many times, and never counted on the form he would choose to take of his own accord. Perhaps it was the toad that turned the princess into a witch before they parted ways, and our toad hops on to find another unsuspecting princess, bribing her into a kiss, so that he can once again feel that he is Prince Charming.

And so the story should begin before the ball falls into the well, so that we can understand why Prince Charming is hiding out there in the horrifying form of a toad, and why our princess realizes that maybe she made a mistake in promising the exchange of a kiss for a shiny favorite toy.

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