Kite Runner-Fate

Kite Runner-Fate

Fate in The Kite Runner

Betrayal Literature By:Tatiana Fountain S.Friday


(H)Does betrayal automatically change the fate of a life? (T)In The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini there are many acts of betrayal which affect not only the characters but the fate of others’ lives. Amir commits acts of betrayal which cause resounding consequences that alter lives profoundly. (C.A.)If Amir had known Hassan was his half brother he wouldn’t have envied him as much or let him get raped. (C.B.)If Amir hadn’t let Hassan get raped then he would’ve been able to live with Hassan and they’d still be living together. (C.C.)If Hassan hadn’t been killed by the Taliban for living alone in a non-hazara house then Sohrab wouldn’t have been in the orphanage. Each betrayal perpetrated profoundly changed something in someone’s life.

(TS) Baba betrayed Amir and everyone when he hid that he had fathered a Hazara son, Hassan. (S) Amir was always jealous of Hassan. At one point Amir asks Baba about getting new servants and getting rid of Hassan. (E) Baba replied “He’s staying right here with us, where he belongs. This is his home and we’re his family” (Hosseini 90). (R) This upset Amir because Baba was so firm and he feels it’s only because Baba likes Hassan more. Amir wouldn’t have taken this to heart if he knew that Hassan was his half brother. In fact he probably wouldn’t have thought about the question or asking it. (S) Amir also envied how Hassan could do no wrong in Baba’s eyes. Hassan admits to stealing Amir’s watch and Baba tells Hassan he forgives him. (E) Amir wonders “Then how could he just forgive Hassan? And if Baba could forgive that, then why couldn’t he forgive me for not being the son he’d always wanted?”(106). (R) Amir doesn’t understand how Baba could forgive Hassan for the “most wretched” sin possible. This only added to Amir’s envy of Hassan. Amir’s jealousy led to many acts of...

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