Kite Runner Poem with Explaination

Kite Runner Poem with Explaination

Dennis Land
Mr. Knecht
English IV
20 November 2008
Poem Explanation
My intension or purpose was to write a poem as Amir would about the events that the Kite Runner is based off of.
“Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul” (27).
- I used this quote to introduce the two characters of the book.
How could I be such a fool?
- A fool relates to how Amir perceived himself after he did not help Hassan.
To sit there and just watch;
- Explains why Amir was a fool, and this line introduces Amir’s watch.
The time go by, as the second hand ticks.
- This symbolizes Amir thinking about framing Hassan so it looks like he stole the watch.
Such a mean trick, but he’s got to go.
- Amir knows that framing Hassan isn’t right, and he can’t look at him without feeling guilty.
Time for a new status quo.
- Amir can’t take the way things are so he changes them by framing Hassan.

They ran away; no it was I who ran
- Symbolized that although it looks like Ali and Hassan were running away from either problems, but it was actually Amir who was running away by pushing them away.
To America with guilt at my heals.
- Introduces their new home (America) and how Amir still feels guilty years later.
Life is different here, the roles are switched;
- Shows how Amir felt; he is now an outcast, and working man as Hassan was.
Now, I’m someone’s bitch.
- Says how he is a minority and servant of now, as Hassan was.

“There’s a way to be good again” (2).
- Introduces the reason why Amir goes back to Afghanistan.
Said an old distant friend.
-Introduces Rahim Khan.
Hassan is deceased; his voice
- Brings Hassan’s death into the poem, and how Amir regrets he never made things right with Hassan.
Trapped in my head.
- Refers to Hassan when they were younger and how guilty Amir was years later.
“For you, a thousand times over” (2) my brother says.
- A meaningful quote from Hassan; introduces that they were brothers into poem.

Redemption, the tension is...

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