Kites- Movie Review

Kites- Movie Review

I'm feeling pathetic and sorry for all those who are writing bad reviews for if they prepared them a week before the movie released...doesn't matter but nobody has the right to smash someone's honest efforts like this and that too for no good reason at all..

till when we will keep looking for regular bollywood stuff...?
till when we will keep our brains at home & then watch a movie..?
why are we afraid of accepting anything REAL in Movies....?
till when movies will not be appreciated for the truth & emotional content....?????????

I just want to add few more questions

Till when are we going to watch movies with actors delivering there heavy dialogues?? As Hrithik said there are no dialogues in REAL life..we just talk and live the moment!! I got what was promised by hrithik…A SIMPLE,HONEST- LOVE STORY!! Nothing artificial, nothing larger than life(except hrithik’s dance moves and breath taking stunts)
Why do we complain when a movie is close to reality…if you want fantasy only…Go for sci-fi or spiderman kinda stuff…why watch a love story…

One of the tv anchor in zee news said that songs are good to listen but there was no dance sequence…what the heck??? I want to ask her What was she there is police and gangsters both wanting you dead…chasing you like anything and you stop the car, get out.. dance for the audience(coz they are not here to watch a film but hrithik dance on 4-5 songs at least)!!! wtf

I want to ask aren’t you bored of this same age old bollywood stuff…?? Dancing and singing(that too lip sync songs) on about everything..the hero feels bad…there comes a 5-6 min song..he’s feeling good…here comes another 5-6 min song…with 50 other dancers dancing with them for no reason..
Why do we keep our brains at home and then come out to watch a film…at times its ok but I think we’ve had tooooooo much of it that at least I’m saturated with cheap comedy..and stuff they call light hearted is heartless and mindless as...

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