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will let you know when she is tired, hungry, needs a change, etc.
I premake her bottles and keep them in the fridge. You can heat them in the microwave for 50 seconds. When making bottles: put 3 ½ scoops of formula into bottle then use water pitcher to fill bottle to 9 oz. Shake and cover, and put in fridge. I normally feed her cereal and a little baby food around 11:00 permitted she is awake and at 2:00. But feel free to feed her baby food whenever she gets hungry if you feel comfortable.
For her medicine; if she needs it:
Tylenol she takes 0.8
Gas Meds/Myiclon (sp?) 0.3
She prefers to sleep on her stomach. To put her to sleep, when she gets cranky put her in her crib with her pacifier and sometimes she will cry and fall right asleep. Other times after 5 mins of crying you can go check on her and lay her back down on her stomach with her pacifier.
She tends to throw her pacifier when she is fighting to sleep, so you may need to find it somewhere on the floor. Also make sure music box is on, by flipping switch on green box on right side of music box.

When she wakes up she may not be hungry, but may need a diaper change. After that she likes to play on the living room floor with her basket of toys.

You may use the washer and dryer, also the computer and telephone.

She has no known allergies, and is no