Toward an identifiable britain
1) tudor england ( 14-15 century)
2) “ english empire” – eng conqour wales, Ireland before Christian reformation –west, ear

Catholve ( west )
- class
- - not fair
- This era people believe that church is an institution of politic
- King need to listen to pope
- The teaching forcus on bible ( unarguable)
- The bible is in latin landguage
- The only people who can read bible is monk – this give them power
- The church corrupted ( ex.indulgence) so, martin luther protest and reformation- make protestant

Before Tudor, feudalism ( king have less power, aristocrat BIGGGG)
King henry 8 eliminated the fuedailsm
Start of merchantilism ( เงินมีค่า)
However, the agriculture still be important
- Yeoman farmer- how ever people who own land still is important because the emphasize on agriculture
- The increasing of read able people
- The expand of city ( the b4eginnign of urbanization)

In early 16th century, there are ppl who translated bible into English
- William tyndale ( the most famnous
- Show that there are decline of church power

Henry 8 ( obsessed with women ) however in the religion to have many wife and divorce is bad, so he make up Anglicanism ( which henry himself become leader)
- church of England
church of England is like catholic ( similar)
- become national count
- oppress people who is not in the church of enland – some people escape to America

calvanism – can’t be lazy- work hard ( died relax)
Puritanism- dun enjoy your self, god decide, believe that people who doesn’t believe in religion go to hell

- rebel ex. The gun powder plot 1605 ( Guy fawke

After Elizabeth, there is new ราชวงค์ steward
- king jame 1
- jame 2 ( Scotland)
- have the bible translated legally in English

Charles 1 ( james’s son )
- believe that divine right is from god
- believe that political problem and every problem is in need for him to resolve
- he reject macna carta (...