bob bo
“I’m such a good shot!” goes Daryl as he pulls his arrow out of a innocent squirrel. That’s my buddy Daryl crazy, wild and free oh and not to mention a good shot. Daryl is the epitome of what people would call a red neck.

Our summer nights were filled with meet ups at Daryl’s bon fires, which consist of a few packs of beers some good music and some innocent animal that Daryl happen to hunt earlier that day. As the nights would progressed we filled are nights with laughter’s and jokes from Daryl, as dramatic and extremely fictional as his story sounded we all loved to just sit around and listen to the wild story’s he would come up with.

As crazy as Daryl was there was no question on how good or loyal of a friend he was. If you ever needed someone he was there. Somehow Daryl always knew how to keep a smile on everyone’s faces.

One night I had been going through a really hard time with my home life situation and I called out for Daryl not really expecting much, I just needed someone to vent to. Needless to say I was cracking up with laughter minutes after as he calmed me down and made me see the brighter things in life who would have thought this country wild man would be such an incredible friend.

Never judge a book by its cover, because although Daryl’s looks and character might come off to be something or characteristic of a person that some people don’t like, His heart and soul is as good as gold. Glad to say that redneck is my friend.