Discuss this viewSingle Text Macbeth- deeply disturbing character, his actions disgust us and also arose our sympathy- do u agree? OR Macbeth brilliantly portrays a supernatural world over which no- one has any control-write a response

Bishop- write about deep insight we get into her life and life in general
Keats- talk to classmates on what his poetry means to u,write about themes and aspects of style
Longley-Experience of his poetry was memorable/forgettable, refer to themes and how they're expressed
Walcott-its easy to identify with his poetry- do u agree?

cant remember the rest hope this helps!!
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thanking you. legend hope
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thanking you. legend Eye-wink hope all went well 4 u! x
thnx allhonoursman.90
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how do you no if its DEB i
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how do you no if its DEB
i have a barcode on de right n M.11 on de left wat company is it
paper one of this exam
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Any ideas of the essays and theme of paper 1 of this paper ??
Paper 1
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d them 4 my paper wuz different worlds der wuz an essay on teenagers are protrayd as juvenile delinquents, d personal essay wuz talk to me wen im 35...dats al i can remembr...
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Does ny1 know wat the unseen
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Does ny1 know wat the unseen poem is?
I don't know what my paper
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I don't know what my paper is but the poets that are up Bishop, Keats, Longley and Walcott.
Questions on Macbeth: Either our sympathy for him...