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Statement of Purpose
By Huang Chung-Pi I am applying to the Graduate Institute of Translation and Interpretation, National Taiwan Normal University for the purpose of equipping myself with a holistic understanding of the theory of translation and interpretation. Urgent needs of professional translators and interpreters are increasing dramatically all over the world along with the rapid development of globalization. What’s more, the T&I programs offered in GITI NTNU is highly recommended for it equally
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emphasizes on the demand of market and theory base. The following paragraphs depict my education background, relevant experiences, and study plans for the coming years. Influenced by my English teachers in high school, who taught us with the Grammar Translation method, and the sense of accomplishment and challenges in the process of interpreting that I obtained in many summer camps before entering college, I have decided to
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focus my study on T&I since I became an English-major undergraduate in Soochow University. Fortunate enough, as an English major, I have had great access to courses related to T&I. The
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Appreciation of Translation is an introductory course that I first took in sophomore year. It taught me how to appreciate and analyze translation works. Another two courses, Consecutive

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Interpretation and Translation taken in junior year strengthened my fundamental skills of T&I. During the senior year, I concentrated on T&I courses; consequently, Simultaneous Interpretation, Finance and Economics Translation, Newspaper Translation, and Rhetoric and Writing are on my

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senior year class schedule to polish my writing skills and sharpen my overall competence in T&I. For all these courses, I’ve never received grades less than 80. Aside from taking practical and essential courses at Soochow,...