Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing

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1.1 Background
17 years ago Takaful Malaysia was establish as one of the Islamic financial mechanism. The establishment of the Takaful Malaysia is the compliment to the Bank Islam Malaysia. As the newest company that has the complete differences aspect among the existing insurance company, the main challenge is to create they own computer system for General Takaful Business and Family Takaful Business. They invented General and Family Takaful System (GTS and FTS) by using existing source and speciality.

The economic growth and the society awareness about the importance of the insurance have made a rapid change to the Takaful Malaysia. More people are interested to buy product that has been offered by Takaful Malaysia. Although the revenue of the company has been increased due to the increasing demand, but the high volume of transaction resulted to the failure of GTS and FTS performance both to the internal employee as well and certificate issuance.

To change the system is not as easy as it thought. They have to do some specific research by looking the existing system as a whole and try to predict the need of the whole system. We must go through various stages before we have the ideal system for replacement.

1.2 Objective of study
This study will focus on two objectives as stated below:
• To investigate how the team member share their knowledge to achieve the project goal; and
• To identify factor that foster and hinder their knowledge sharing.

1.3 Project Background
Project Name: Gemilang (Takaful Integrated System – TIS)
Person involved:
• Marketing: Puan Intan Liana Abdul Rahman
• Underwriting Department: Encik Mohd Fathilah Mohd Bakri
• Claims Departmet: Encik Ahmad Faizal Abu Bakar
• Credit Control Department: Puan Mazlifah Mubarak Ali
• Accounts Department: Cik Faridah Akmal Mohamed
Duration: 5 years (August 2001 until February 2006)

They are several deliverable project from the Gemilang Project has been recognize...

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