Knowledge Skills Abilities Ksa

Knowledge Skills Abilities Ksa

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Knowledge of the principles, practices and concepts of one or more of the following disciplines: architecture/electrical/mechanical/general engineering relative to the planning, design, acquisition, construction, project mgmt. of biomedical research support facilities.

For the past four years I applied the knowledge of electrical engineering in my doctoral dissertation under Dr. Herbert Hess department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Idaho. As his lead teaching assistant and researcher I utilized electrical circuits, and use of MATLAB to design a mathematical model of a Lithium Poly-carbon Mono-fluoride (Li/CFx) non-rechargeable battery. I have conducted numerous experiments with MATLAB that collects the following data measurements: voltage, current, battery capacity, and coulomb counting.

The current Lithium Poly-carbon Mono-fluoride (Li/CFx) battery needed an improved state of charge indicator (SOCI). The planning involved designing an artificial neural network (ANN) solution that utilizes data created from the mathematical model. The trained ANN allowed for creation of C-programming language code that will be programmed to a 64-pin Texas Instruments MSP-430 microcontroller. The skills called for understanding of embedded system design and system integration on board printed circuit board.

The Li/CFx cell is currently being used for cardiac pacemakers in the bio-medical field. They are advantageous in terms of long battery health. The improved state of charge indicator (SOCI) solution increases reliability in pacemaker products for the bio-medical industry. The cost reduction in our SOCI development has reduced cost from $80 per unit to $30 per unit.

Knowledge of the principles and practices of the management of design and construction projects including development of project execution plans and scopes of work, cost estimating, negotiating, reviewing services and deliverables for quality, and problem solving.

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