28th August, 2008.

Anything which buy, or which belongs to us will be vanished one day or other. But yet there is something which will always be with us as long as our existence on this planet i.e. KNOWLEDGE.

A thief can even steal the Kohinoor diamond, but is there something which even a mastermind cannot steal??????? The answer is again the same i.e. KNOWLEDGE.

What helped DHIRU BHAI AMBANI to build his great RELIANCE EMPIRE??????? Again the answer is KNOWLEDGE.

Knowledge plays an important role in development of a person, of a society and of a nation. Today we have no dearth of sources of knowledge there are many like internet, TV, radio etc but in this scientific world we’ve forgotten the best source of knowledge i.e. BOOKS. These are like treasures in the stores. To add a little more to our knowledge library is the best place and books are the best source. Now a day there many type of books and to categorize them this article too brief.

But at least I can categorize them in two categories i.e. good books and the bad one. From “bad” I don’t mean that the authors are bad but it is all about the negative impact that they have on the society and that is why it is well said that:-

“Books are like friends that one may have few:
But those must be good one.”

Many famous authors before writing their books researched a lot and books of other authors were a major part of their research for an instance:-

• Mary Barnard published a volume of essays on early astronomical systems (''The Mythmakers'') 20 years before distilling her research in the poems of ''Time and the White Tigress.''

• Jill Breckenridge spent eight years studying the historical record of the Civil War in order to write the narrative poem ''Civil Blood.''

• And Albert Goldbarth inspected a rich, if fragmentary, assortment of ''curiosities,'' from Leonardo's map of the river networks of Tuscany to biographies of Christopher Columbus, to write the candidly titled ''Arts &...

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