Knwoledge Management

Knwoledge Management

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Knowledge quality: Antecedents and consequence in project teams Abstract Purpose - The purpose of this study is to address the nature of knowledge quality, describe its dimensions, and create valid and reliable instruments to measure it. Knowledge quality is proposed as a second-order factor model which includes three dimensions: intrinsic knowledge quality, contextual knowledge quality, and actionable knowledge quality. This study also examines important antecedents to and an outcome of knowledge quality. Design/methodology/approach - Data collected from 208 project teams were used to test measures of knowledge quality and to examine a proposed research framework by using LISREL for structural equation modeling. Findings - Results support the claim that knowledge quality has three dimensions. The results also show that functional diversity, absorptive capacity, and knowledge networks are critical antecedents that positively impact knowledge quality, which in turn has an influence on innovation. Research limitations/implications – The research framework enables academicians and practitioners to have important insights regarding the determinants of knowledge quality and its positive impact on innovation. Practical implications - The valid and reliable instruments of knowledge quality provides a tool to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of intrinsic, contextual, and actionable knowledge quality. This study illustrates how firms can improve knowledge quality by integrating interdisciplinary knowledge. Originality/values – This study identifies dimensions of knowledge quality and its antecedents and consequence.


Keywords Knowledge quality, Functional diversity, Knowledge networks, Absorptive capacity, Innovation Paper Type Research paper


Introduction Because firms operate in a highly competitive, increasingly global environment, knowledge and its quality are critical to surviving and prospering in these tumultuous circumstances (Nonaka and Teece,...

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