Materials Needed
1. Lantern battery (6 volt)
2. Flat tip screwdriver
3. Wire cutters


1. Which is more economical to buy a 6 volt lantern battery or a five pack of AA batteries to power your home gadgets?
A. five pack of AA batteries cost $6.75 pk.
B. lantern batteries (6 volt) cost $5.00-$6.00 -each
2. Research, all research conducted by my dad & myself at home in our laboratory
3. my dad & I opened several types of batteries to come to the conclusion that it is, more economical to buy a 6 volt battery compared to a five pack of AA batteries to operate household devices such as:
A. simply remove the plastic wrapping
paper around the battery.
B. uses the flat tip screwdriver to open the top of the 6 volt lantern battery. remote controls,DS play stations;cameras;portable DVD players & this 90’s on list goes on and o .
4. Hypothesis: There really is32 AA batteries inside a 6 volt lantern battery?
The procedures are very elementary.
1. You will need one 6 volt lantern battery.
Note: it must be a lantern battery in order for this experiment to work
C. once the top of the battery has been removed, you will notice there’s a wire connected to the top of the battery.
D. using your wire cutters cut the wire and this will release the contents of the battery.

Start saving $$ hundreds of dollars a year by buying
One 6 volt battery instead of the usual single AA
Pack of batteries, you normally would buy.
Again make sure the label on the battery has the words lantern battery printed on the battery wrapping paper.

You will be surprised what you will find inside,
Inside you will discover 32 AA batteries inside

6 Volt Battery Hack
BY: Precious Wilson

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