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Oral Topics for ME(A)

Group A
Unit 1: The Winner’s Guide to Success
1. What does success mean to most people? Does success have any obvious symbols? What's your understanding of success?
2. What is the most successful thing that you have ever done? What is the greatest failure that you have ever had? Please share them with us.

What does success mean to most people? Nice house, nice car, good job, adequate deposit in bank account? Most of people judge one another if they are success by these. Please don’t forget to bring the true happiness and joy into the measurement of success. Good heart and character is more important than having the biggest and best house you can afford. In my opinion, success is a kind of the will, a process of struggle, and moreover, a determination of overcoming self.

First of all, I have to confess that in most cases, money is one of the symbols of success, and there is no doubt that rich people usually have a successful life and career. But, no one could deny that people with little or no money have no access to success. Once we achieve what we have dreamed of, or once we step over an obstacle of our minds, we can say proudly that we are successful.

consider it is the most successful thing I’ve ever done, just as I had the ambition to struggle for what I want and I had improved that I’m not a stupid girl and the poor can never be looked down upon. So I am a success

Winner look at heart, not look at appearance

Unit 2: Are We Getting Smarter?
1. Are human beings getting smarter? Why does this happen in your opinion?
2. What person in your family is most intelligent? Please share his/her story.

I believe that in today’s world we are becoming very reliant on computers and other modern technological achievements to do the work for us. Everyday I get on the computer to check my e-mail, my blog, and Google. I find myself not wanting to go to libraries, and just wanting to read what’s on the internet. Now do I think...