Krebs Cycle

Krebs Cycle

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Running head: KREBS CYCLE 1

Krebs Cycle
Carmela Angelica Arino
United Stated University

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Carmela Angelica Arino , United States University.

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This paper will discuss the eight –enzyme controlled steps of the Kreb cycle and its reactants. At the end of this discussion we would be able to realize the importance of Krebs cycle in our body. Energy is essential to cellular function and we can get this energy by metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The Kreb’s Cycle is a critical component for macronutrient metabolism and energy conversion for all 3 of these nutrients. The complete metabolism for each of them must, at some point, go through the Kreb’s Cycle.The Kreb Cycle is named after German Biochemist Hans Krebs who first explained its operation in 1936. The Krebs Cycle is known by several other names including the citric acid cycle and the tricarboxylic acid cycle.
The Krebs cycle is an arrangement of enzyme catalyst reactions that occurs in the  mitochondria which is important in all living cells specially those that uses oxygen as part of cellular respiration. It is a central metabolic pathway that completes the oxidative degradation of fatty acids , amino acids and monosaccharides. During catabolism this biomolecules are broken down to smaller molecules for energy (ATP) or molecular needs. In the early metabolic steps , glycolysis and pyruvate dehydrogenase complex produced acetyl CoA. It is during the citic acid cycle that acetyl CoA gets oxidized to the waste products CO2 along with the reduction of cofactors NAD+ and ubiquinone (Q). The Krebs cycle serves two main purposes , to increase the cells ATP producing potential by generation reduce electron carriers such...

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