Kudler Data Table Analysis

Kudler Data Table Analysis

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The graphic representation of data is the purpose of entity relationship diagrams (E-R). E-R diagrams represents events (the business processes) that includes the business entities and the relationship among them. The most important business entities at Kudler Fine Foods are inventory, cash, customers, items, order, store, supplier, tax table, tender, and employees (Apollo Group Inc, 2004). Entities have characteristics that describes them, for example the entity "employee" has the characteristics of social security number, pay rate, date of hire. The day to day accounting events generated at Kudler Fine Foods are sales, purchases, sale receipts, and payments. According to McCarthy (1982), most businesses use three categories for their business entities: resources, events, and agents.
Resources Events Agents
Inventory Sale Customers
Cash Purchase Suppliers
Equipment Order Employees
The purchase of an item at Kudler Fine Foods involves the product, the sale, the customer, and the cashier. Below is a graphic representation of the sales process:
E-R diagram

Sold to

Items sold

The translation of this diagram into database tables is as follows:
Resulting Tables
Sale Table
Sale # Cashier # Customer # Date Comments
152 41 1003 01/12/10 Cashier sale
Customer Table (Agent)
Customer # Name Address City State Zip Credit Limit
1003 Joe Smith 123 Main El Paso CA 49316
Product Table
GL # Description Sale Price QOH
121000 Rustic Baguette 2.83 13050
Cashier Table
Srep# Name Address City State Zip Dpt ID Date Hired
41 Michael Rex 521 Main El Paso CA 49317 274 11/30/09

According to Bagranoff, Simkin & Norman (2008), graphic representations use four...

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