Kudler Frequent Shopper

Kudler Frequent Shopper

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Kudler Fine Foods is interested in creating strategic partnerships with various companies to create a rewards program for its customers. By shopping at Kudler Fine Foods, customers who have elected to join the Frequent Shopper Program will be rewarded with points that can be redeemed for various rewards.

The purpose of this program is to allow Kudler Fine Foods to track individual shopper’s personal shopping habits. The purchases will be tracked by Kudler’s computer system. This program will reward Kudler’s customers with loyalty points that the customers can redeem for various products or services that are offered through Kudler’s program partners.

Program Overview:
The purpose of this program is two-fold. The first aspect of this program will allow Kudler to track customer purchase habits. This will aid the company in monitoring sales trends and ensuring maximum profitability. The second part of this program will allow Kudler to reward its most loyal customers with incentives to continue shopping at its stores.

Purpose of Program:
Kudler Fine Foods wants to be able to track the purchasing trends of its most frequent shoppers. By doing this, the company expects to be able to refine its processes and be able to offer its customers more of what they want. Since Kudler’s customers are willing to spend more money in order to have a higher quality product, Kudler feels that a rewards program is something that will fit in with its culture better than offering sales on products.
Benefits of Program:
Kudler Fine Foods expects that the frequent shopper program will provide the following benefits to it, as well as the customers:
1. Increased customer loyalty
a. By rewarding customers, Kudler Fine Foods expects to see an increase in return business from its most loyal customers. Kudler realizes that its customers are likely to continue shopping, even if they don’t receive any incentive. But hopes that rewarding...

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