Kudler Marketing Expansion Analysis

Kudler Marketing Expansion Analysis

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Expansion. Kathy Kudler is looking at expanding Kudler Fine Foods as she fulfills her “mission to provide her customers the finest in selected foodstuffs, wines, and related need in an unparalleled consumer environment.” (University of Phoenix). The expansion will take the form of a service with the addition of a catering division to complement Kudler Fine Foods current menu of products and services. Catering is not just a word, catering is a marketing term that means a store must be proactive to cater to a customer's needs. And catering is a necessary area of marketing expansion. (Supermarket Business); catering is the next logical step.

Relative Value of Market Research

The business decision has been made, but have the potential customers been surveyed for their potential buy in of the eservice? Kudler Fine Foods conducted market research through the form of a questionnaire in 2005 and 2006. The pool of survey takers was limited to under 70 shoppers. The survey questions remained the same each year. The broad sweeping questions ranged from convenience to value to selection. The survey results indicated a positive increase in selection, value for the money, aesthetic merchandise displays, courteousness of customer service representatives, and overall satisfaction with the shopping experience.
At first review, one can assume that the data points to a job well done at Kudler Fine Foods. The questions included scale answers which gave the survey taker some lea weigh in rating the store.
The next survey should contain dichotomous and open ended questions to gain the insight of the customer. Kudler may also want to incorporate some basic demographic information and questions about the cooking classes, the upcoming addition of a catering service and other services in the planning stages.
As the frequent shopper program is initiated Kathy Kudler may want to make good use of this group for small focus group sessions to get their...

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