Lab 1 Environmental Awareness

Lab 1 Environmental Awareness

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Environmental Awareness
1. Seattle, WA 47.6097° N, 122.3331° W

2. Pollen counts are high 9.5, wind velocity 1pmh, and the wind direction is North.

3. The Seattle series consists of very deep, very poorly drained organic soils formed in herbaceous and woody deposits in depressions in river valleys and glacial till plains. Slopes are 0 to 1 percent. Average annual precipitation is about 40 inches. Mean annual temperature is about 50 degrees F. Most Seattle soils have been cleared and drained for use as cropland or pasture. Hay, corn silage, blueberries, and truck crops are common crops. Seattle is far from farm.

4. Biome: Wet land. Vegetation type: red alder, western red cedar, black cottonwood and Sitka spruce with an understory of sedge, rush, cattail, hardhack, trailing blackberry, red elderberry, devils club, Siberian miners lettuce, trillium, salmonberry, and lady fern.
5. Dd
6. Total rainfall in Seattle, WA last year 48.50" (Average 37.49")



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