Lab Assessment

Lab Assessment

Lab #3 – Assessment Worksheet
Data Gathering and Footprinting on a Targeted Web Site
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The first phase of hacking is the footprinting phase, which is designed to passively gain
information about a target. In this lab, you performed technical research against three Web
domains using Internet search tools. You collected public domain information about an
organization using the Google search engine to uncover information available on the Internet.
Finally, you recorded the information you uncovered in a research paper, describing how this
information can make an organization vulnerable to hackers.
Lab Assessment Questions & Answers
1. What information can you obtain by using the WHOIS tool contained within Sam Spade?

2. Besides the WHOIS utility covered in this lab, what other functions did you discover are possible
with the Sam Spade utility?

3. What is the purpose of the tracert command? What useful information does the trace route tool
provide? How can this information be used to attack the targeted website?

4. Is Sam Spade an intrusive tool? What is your perspective on the use of a freeware utility such as
Sam Spade?

5. By its nature, WHOIS information must be publicly available. What do you think companies and
organizations should do with regard to this information?


6. How can you find out who is the CEO of a company?

7. What is the goal when trying to use a search engine for data gathering or footprinting?

8. From the basis of the information you uncovered, who are the primary technical contacts for the, and domains?

9. Where do you think the servers are...

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