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Pill-Bug Lab

To find the areas that attracts pill-bugs when they are given various options.

Isopods share certain characteristics. There are two kinds of isopods that interests in classrooms and are known as Pill-bugs or Roly-Polly’s. Pill-bugs breathe with gills, so they are restricted to areas with high humidity, under rocks or logs, in leaf litter or in crevices and some species of the pill-bug family are nocturnal. Isopods live where it is moist and usually in a shaded area. To attract them, water soil or leaf litter in the shade and covered with plastic, can attract them. Pill bugs live in wet locations; they are found under damp objects or in organic garbage. Therefore, as for my prediction with the general background on Pill-bugs, if I put a pill-bug in dry environment it will instantly die. This clearly states that pill-bugs will prefer wet environment in the lab.

Independent: water in mud, time periods.
Dependent: Pill-bugs reaction in 15 min., number of pill-bugs in different environments.
Control: Number of pill-bugs used, different environments. Pill-bugs

∑ Petri Dishes (attached 2; can be seen in the picture)
∑ 5 Pill Bugs
∑ Soaked Mud ( in 1st Petri dish)
∑ Arid Mud (in 2nd Petri dish)
∑ Dropper
∑ Container for pill-bugs

1. All equipments were gathered
2. Two Petri dishes were combined together with tape.
3. Wet mud was added in one the dishes
4. Dry mud was added in the other dish
5. Two drops of water was poured in the wet mud.
6. 5 Pill-bugs were placed in the middle of the attached Petri dishes.
7. As the pill-bug were placed in the middle, time was noted
8. The first pill-bug moves, time and location was noted down.
9. Step # 5 was repeated only when the wet mud needed more moistness.
10. Step number 8 was repeated 3 times, for 3 trials

Data Chart:
Trails Total Number of Pill-Bugs Wet...

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