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Mitisubishi Corporation

Consideration of social/ cultural operational factors
Employing persons with disability: Under Japanese law, large corporations are required to employ a certain percentage of persons with a disablilities in order to provide equal oppourtunities for employment. MC has a high percentage with 1.85 % of its workforce consisting of persons with disabilities. Affilate Mitsubishi Shoji and Sun Co. Ltd. Was established in 1983, is also legally recognised as a special affiliate employing persons with disabilities.
Gender: According to a document published by the Mitsubishi Corporation Employee relation, MC has in place Equal Oppouttunity and Anti- Discrimination measures that refrain from discrimination against applicants and employees on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality, age or disability. In Japan the company conducts training on human rights awareness under the guidance of its Human Rights Awarness Committee.
Trade Union: The employees are represented by the Mitsubishi Corporation Employees Union. In the Karetsu model the union itself does not represent the general interests of particular sectors the union operates compatibly with the trade union (Wada, 2006) .

Analysis of future challenges that confront Mitsubishi

Environmental Factors
The diversity of Mitsubishi corporations requires them to assess and monitor environmental issues in a range of industries around the globe. One of the key challenges that face the MC in the future is the issue of the Environment and the need to improve its environmental performance.
* MC has established an ISO 14001 compliant intergrated Environmental Management System (EMS) throughout offices in Japan which provides a framework for identifying environmental impacts. This system also looks to establish goals and targets and monitor progress in order to steer the company towards ongoing improvement in its environmental performance.
* Climate Change: MC recognises it...