Labor Management Relations

Labor Management Relations

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The National Basketball Association (NBA) Lockout
HRMG 5930
Strayer University
Dr. Brown
October 08, 2013


While there were many who might have been sick of the whole NBA lockout fiasco, and were thinking the NBA lockout may have been a bad thing for all parties involved…it was clear that the lockout not only effected the fans, it also had a lasting effect on many people behind the scenes as well. From the people like the office assistants who did a lot of the scheduling of games, marketing and halftime entertainment, to the concession stand companies and workers, bar owners (who hosted watch parties), the thousands of security guards and ushering staff members that worked and staffed the arenas, the problems trickled down and caused issues and unemployment problems for many people we may not have even though about. In retrospect, the lockout affected a lot more than the players and owners that we have seen on television, it lasted so long that its affect also caused havoc and mayhem in the lives of so many working class folks, that it even forced some to seek part-time or other employment to make ends meet in their households. This paper will address what the NBA lockout was about, what each sides issues were (Owners and Players), what they wanted and set out to achieve, the outcome and what it meant for the owners and players, and finally, CBA affected all parties involved.

While the fans and countless others were probably sick and tired of the whole NBA lockout debacle, the 2011 NBA lockout was the fourth lockout in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA). With news broadcasts airing that the first two weeks (and possibly all) of its 2011-12 season may be cancelled, many irate fans were sickened and disgusted that the players and owners couldn’t reach an agreement in their labor dispute to keep the basketball league and season intact. Many fans were just couldn’t understand, and were trying to figure out why...

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