Labor Movie Reviw

Labor Movie Reviw

Preston Andriot

College Survival Skills

Mission Statement

I want to go to Cincinnati state for architecture and transfer to U.C. after two years and get masters in engineering, while maintaining a level credit limit and staying loan and debt free.

20 things that I’m Proud of

1. I am unique.
2. I’m proud that’s I’ve got to great supportive family.
3. I’m proud to be a grandson of my grandparents whom I love ever so much.
4. I’m proud I can dress myself in the morning and look halfway decent.
5. I’m proud that I’ve come this far in my academic career.
6. I’m proud that I’ve stopped drinking for 3 solid years.
7. I’m proud that I can hold 2 steady jobs.
8. I’m proud I can hold my head up high for who I am and not be ashamed of what I’ve done.
9. I’m proud to get up every morning and thank god for the gift of a new day.
10. I’m proud I can hold a relationship, with a beautiful young woman.
11. I’m very proud I graduated high school; none said it was going to be easy.
12. I’m proud I’ve got a best friend and whose there for me so I can depend on him.
13. I’m proud I’ve taken the 1st step towards my dream of being an architect, by entering college.
14. I’m proud of my parents for supporting me through the hardship of life.
15. I’m proud of my brother whom recently obtained his temporary license.
16. I’m proud my brother looks up to me in times of need weather he needs me or not.
17. I’m proud that I live in a nation where people are treated equal, and can think what they want.
18. I’m proud I’m a jeep owner. (I Love My Jeep!!)
19. I’m proud that I’m ambitious about everything I do because it creates this feeling of invincibility.
20. I’m proud that I’ve got such an (outside the box) mind; it’ll help me down the road.


1. Graduate high school.
2. Work out the kinks and worries about college.
3. Apply and get...

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