Labor Relations

Labor Relations

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Labor Relations
Assignment II

Britteney Simmons
BUS 405 – Labor Relations
Dana Richmond
08/24, 2015

The Ford Motor Company is one of the worlds leading multinational organization. It leads in the manufacturing of automotive vehicles. It is based of Dearborn, Michigan in America; the organization specializes in the production of vehicles and the acquisition to accessible consumers all around the world. Henry Ford established the Ford Motors Company back on June 16th, 1903. The Ford organization was branded with the exclusive brand due to acquiring its products around the world. A few years ago, the company began to specialize in the manufacturing of heavy tractors and trucks. They also provided automotive components sold to people owning the cars and in need of spare parts (Colaprete, 2007). Today, Ford obtains most of its income and profit through the consumer’s purchase of its manufactured vehicles and the selling of spare parts. On the other hand, the approximately most identified perspective of Ford organization is the strategic management and friendly association that is present between the employees and management.
The Ford organization that generates a vast, diverse number of vehicles has the ability to face various challenges with the labor union that assembles the essential workforce that is greatly needed in the organization. In today’s day and age, there are an abundant number of labor-related issues/problems that have affected the day to day operations within the organization. One of the first challenges that occurred between the management of Ford and the labor union are the delays in payment. The employees within the Ford organization has complained on numerous occasions of various delays in being paid, which in return affects the nature of the manufacturing business. In most instances, the organization delays in paying the workers because of the delay in...

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