lad science

lad science

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1. I placed a test tube in the test tube rack. Then I placed a clean iron nail in the test tube and poured in copper (II) sulfate solution to cover half of the nail. I then let the nail stand in the solution for 5 minutes.

2. I placed a test tube in the test tube rack and placed a piece of copper (balled up) into the test tube and added 5 drops of silver nitrate. Then I waited 5 minutes.

3. I measured 40mL of water into a beaker. I then stirred in a very small scoop of borax powder. I used the end of a popsicle stick to add a scoop of glue to the water-borax solution. Then I stirred the solution with a popsicle stick.

4. I dipped an inoculating loop into copper sulfate solution and held the droplet of solution to the Bunsen burner flame for a few seconds. I remembered to not leave the inoculating loop over the flame long enough to become red hot. I then repeated this step with the potassium iodide solution.

5. I transferred one pipette of mil fog magnesia solution into an Erlenmeyer flask. I then added 2 drops of universal indicator and swirled gently. I then continued to swirl the solution gently while adding acetic acid, adding only 1 drop at a time.

6. I transferred one pipette of acetic acid into a small beaker. I then added a drop of phenolphthalein indicator solution. I then added sodium hydroxide solution one drop at a time until there a permanent colour change had occurred.

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